CeaseFire (noun):

A temporary suspension of fighting, typically one during which peace talks take place; a truce.

CeaseFire Mediation provides

Relational Care

Christian Conciliation

Co-Parenting Coaching


Parenting Coordination

Supervised Visits

to individuals, families and groups in the Waco, TX area. We work with couples considering or going through divorce, co-parenting situations, as well as various other group conflict scenarios.

CeaseFire Mediation partners with Renovation Church to provide support groups in the following areas

Relational Care

Chiristian Conciliation

DivorceCare (for separated or divorced)

DC4K (DivorceCare for Kids 5-12)

Normnot Academy (Ages 13-18)

Single & Parenting

The CeaseFire mission is to provide a collaborative approach for families and groups in conflict situations through a biblical perspective. In today's litigious and rights-centered society, we forget that God first gives us instruction on how we should handle personal conflict, but then commands us to take unresolved issues to the church rather than the civil courts.

CeaseFire Mediation is owned and operated by Shelly Mathews, a Christian Conciliator, Credentialed Mediator and Parent Coordinator. Shelly is passionate about helping parties gain clarity and discover empowerment through some of the hardest times in their life.

Shelly's training and experience allows her to provide a process that is an alternative to traditional means which helps consenting parties reach better long-term outcomes.

How do you know the courtroom is where you should be?

In 1982 Warren Burger, chief justice of the United States Supreme Court had this to say:

One reason our courts have become overburdened is that Americans are increasingly turning to the courts for relief from a range of personal distresses and anxieties. Remedies for personal wrongs that once were considered the responsibility of institutions other than the courts are now boldly asserted as legal "entitlements." The courts have been expected to fill the void created by the decline of church, family and neighborhood unity.

Shelly Mathews is an actively practicing Christian Conciliator, Credentialed Mediator, and Parenting Coordinator in Central Texas. Shelly has training in Relational Wisdom 360, Mediation, Advanced Family Mediation, Child Protective Services,  Parenting Coordination, and Parenting Plans. Shelly is a student of the Relational Wisdom 360 program and a member of the Texas Association of Mediators, Texas Mediator Credentialing Association, Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, and the Texas Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.


Shelly obtained a master’s degree in Conflict Resolution and Management from Abilene Christian University. Shelly has a passion for helping families work through their conflict which begins with identifying and managing conflict through assessments, followed by developing future goals, and creating a plan of action.


Prior to entering private practice, Shelly has previous employment at Family Abuse Center as the Director of Legal Services and Outreach where she acted as a legal advocate for victims of domestic violence and a law enforcement liaison for Waco Police Department and McLennan County Sheriff’s Office. Shelly has previously sub-contracted with Child Protective Services as a Home Study Specialist where she obtained experience assessing the placement for children in CPS care.

About Shelly Mathews


Community is important to me. I participate in community service as the Relational Care Director at Renovation Church. For more information visit our Relational Care page at https://rcwaco.churchcenter.com/pages/relational-care or our website at www.rcwaco.com.