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Mediation and Conflict Coaching with Ceasefire Mediation

Meet Shelly Mathews

Mediator and Conflict Coach

At Ceasefire Mediation, we specialize in helping families navigate through tough situations such as divorce, child custody, or any situation creating a broken relationship. Our mission is to help you transform your conflicts into opportunities for growth and healing.

We offer several services to help you navigate through conflict, but the most beneficial to all is our educational approach to help you work through your conflicts and develop skills to improve your relationships.


What We Offer

Conflict Resolution Strategies

Effective Communication Skills

Emotional Intelligence Development

Personalized Coaching Sessions

Transformative Conflict Mediation

"I was overwhelmed and confused.  I didn’t even know where to start. I was referred to Ceasefire by my Pastor.  Shelly explained the process, what I could expect and what was available.  She listened and provided sound advice.  She walked me through and continues to provide expert care.  I appreciate all the help and would highly recommend her.  She is the best!"

- Chris B.

"Shelly is amazing. When I sought her advice, she was quick to respond. I quickly opened up to her because she made me feel at ease from the start. Shelly is empathetic, caring, and knows about a variety of useful resources to help with mediation, co-parenting, conflict resolution, and many resources which I am now using. Also, she shared her own experiences, which gave me a sense of not feeling so alone in this process. I feel blessed to have gotten the opportunity to meet with Shelly and get her insight and advice, and I highly recommend her to others."

- Kayla

"While every situation is different, I highly recommend Shelly at Ceasefire Mediation. Shelly has taken time to invest in me, thoughtfully listened to my situation, and has been a valuable resource helping me carefully draft communication with my co-parent. Shelly responds in a timely manner and I recommend her services to anyone who needs help co-parenting."

- Brett M

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